We Have A Singular Specialty

Our apps solely aim to  help doctors get their patients to actually pay their portion of the bill so that you can stay flush with cash. 

Our automated apps help your billers speed-up slow-paying patient accounts so that you get paid much more, much faster without the need to chase people down and without the need for there hardball collection agencies.
Brad McDaniel, MBA & Patient A/R Specialist
We Solve A Singular Problem
Doctors have been living off insurance money for DECADES, while patients have grown accustomed to not paying their medical bills without any real consequences. 

Those days are over and they won't be returning soon. 

The impact of plummeting reimbursements is forcing practices to learn - maybe for the first time ever - how to collect the patient portion for their services...or else the practice simply will not survive the tough new reality for doctors...no matter who owns the practice.  It's time to re-think patient collections!

"This app is the best thing I've seen in patient collections in 35 years of chasing past-due patients."   
Sherry Roberson, administrator of a Carlton Dermatology
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